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Newton School Hours

Drop off: 8:00 am-7:50am

School Day Begins at: 7:30am with Breakfast in the Classroom

Dismissal: 3:00pm

Early Release Days Dismissal: 11:55am


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GPS has launched a kid-friendly YouTube channel called Go Green Wave! It has great content like Read-Alouds & How-Tos: click here to subscribe! 



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Visit to see projects the teachers of  Newton School have submitted for funding. Visit to watch the Good Morning America clip, or view below:

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Please remember to save your Box Tops to earn money for our school!


Newton Elementary is a school-wide Title I and an Expanded Learning Time (ELT) school that provides 1.5 hours of additional time per day allowing for increased instruction in ELA, math, sciences, social studies, and enrichment activities, as well as more collaboration time for instructional planning.