Federal Street

Photo of Federal Street School

*Photography by Paul Franz and other community members of Federal Street.


Welcome to Federal Street School!



Important Dates:

Fun Fair March 26th

Principal Coffee Hour March 27th

All School Meeting March 27th

Early Dismissal for Parent Confrences March 28th & 29th






Federal Street School Store!








Field Trips, Art show, Music Performances and so much more!

  Camp Apex

Federal Street students in cafeteria Smiles at recess

Structure SmileArt Show Dragon

Building a USA puzzle 

Thank You Ms. Valente & Mrs. Finck for making this amazing perfect attendance Board!



Federal Street School

Wreath Walk


Students delivering wreathsStudents delivering wreath to fire station

Students walking down street with wreathsWalking to fire station with wreaths

Walking down street with wreathsGetting ready to deliver wreaths


Family Fun Fair


Gluing candy corn togetherBuilding tower

Doing crafts in gymnasiumMeasuring ingredients

Coloring in gymnasium


Check out some Federal Street School pictures!

Polaroid photos


Federal Street Dec 2018 Calendar


Thank You Mrs. Potter for this amazing main entrance display for March!



Box Tops logo

Don't forget to save your box tops and send them in!  


**The before school program does not start until 7:30 am.  Students should not be left unattended before this time.**


  • The school day is from 8:30 am to 2:55 pm
  • Early dismissal is at 11:55 am
  • If we have a 2hr delay, there is no breakfast served, however, there is the morning program, opening at 9:30.
  • Please drive slowly in our parking lot and do NOT block or pass in the bus lane.
  • Be especially careful dropping children off on Franklin Street!
  • Please do NOT allow children to bring toys, stuffed animals, gadgets, dolls, etc. to school.  



Each month one of the classroom hosts the meeting and children of all the other classes are welcome to share: a song, a poem, or maybe a piece of writing. It amazes me each month when I look around the room and see all of the happy children and all of our visitors.

Parking Reminders

We have only enough slots for our staff, and cars parked inappropriately keep staff from getting to and from work. Please use neighboring lots, and never leave cars sitting in the traffic lanes unattended. We have been asked by the Elks Club not to park in their lot.

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