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Welcome to

The Academy of Early Learning

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The Academy of Early Learning at North Parish, in active partnership with families and community organizations, provides quality education, support services, and collaborative programming in a safe, nurturing public school environment.
We strive to meet the diverse individual needs of all our children by offering meaningful learning opportunities.  We believe young children learn best when discovering and exploring their world through play.
We are dedicated to being a responsive, community-based preschool while meeting all district, state, and national performance standards for excellence.


AEL Hours

Full and AM session starts at 8:30am (doors open at 8:25am)

AM session dismissal is at 11:15am (doors open at 11:10am)

PM session starts at 12:15pm (doors open at 12:10pm)

Full and PM dismissal is at 2:55pm (doors open at 2:50pm)




Our teachers are available to meet with you to discuss your child. You can always call the school at 413-772-1390 to leave a message for your child’s teacher and she will get back to you as soon as possible. Because attending to your children is our highest priority, please schedule a time to speak with your child’s teacher rather than going down to the classroom during the day or trying to catch the teachers during drop off/pick up. Our teachers want to be able to give you their full attention!

Brain Building

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