Four Corners

Four Corners Elementary School

School Start Time: 8:30am

School End Time: 2:55pm 

Half Day Dismissal: 11:55am

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2022-2023 Discovery School at Four Corners Family Handbook


Our Vision: 

That all members of our school community collaborate to create a positive, caring, innovative learning environment.

Our Mission Statement: 

Every day we engage in meaningful learning using our hearts, our heads, and our hands.

Our Values:


I belong 

I can be friendly 

I can care for my community

I can trust

I am accountable


I can find help when worried 

I can solve problems 

I can use my body safely 

I can use my words safely


I can learn many things

I can start every day as a new day 

I am lovable 

I will do my best so others may do their best

I believe in my unlimited possibilities


I can be kind to myself and others

I can be a good listener 

I can offer help 

I can accept others' ideas