Four Corners

Four Corners Elementary School


Meet and Greet 2020-2021

Welcome all DSFC Families and Friends to the 2020-2021 School Year. 

Below you will find a video accompanying this year's Meet and Greet with a message from Principal Putnam and a slideshow featuring our amazing staff!





If you or anyone you know is in need of food or struggling with mental health during this time please use the links below for assistance.


For educational resources during this time please visit the links below






Our Vision: 

That all members of our school community collaborate to create a positive, caring, innovative learning environment.

Our Mission Statement: 

Every day we engage in meaningful learning using our hearts, our heads, and our hands.

Our Values:


I belong 

I can be friendly 

I can care for my community

I can trust

I am accountable


I can find help when worried 

I can solve problems 

I can use my body safely 

I can use my words safely


I can learn many things

I can start every day as a new day 

I am lovable 

I will do my best so others may do their best

I believe in my unlimited possibilities


I can be kind to myself and others

I can be a good listener 

I can offer help 

I can accept others' ideas

School Start Time: 8:30am

School End Time: 2:55pm 

Half Day Dismissal: 11:55am

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