Greenfield Middle School

GMS Mural

Greenfield Middle School

Office hours: 7:00am - 3:00pm

GMS School Hours:  7:45am - 2:10pm

Half Days: 7:45am - 11:10am

(Building opens for students at 7:30am)


2022-2023 GMS Family Handbook


YONDR Parent and Family Q & A Document

Click here to view the YONDR (cell phone pouch) q&a sheet for GMS


Our PowerSchool District Code is: XKJQ


Greenfield Middle School is a caring, compassionate, and collaborative learning community where students engage in rigorous and relevant learning experiences to develop skills for lifelong learning and civic involvement.


We believe in engaging all students in meaningful and purposeful learning experiences through a collaborative, student-centered learning environment where students are seen for who they are and encouraged to take the risks to be all that they can be. At Greenfield Middle School, we are always learning together. This learning cycle reflects the process of trying something new, reflecting on our experiences, getting feedback from others, and making adjustments so that we keep growing and learning. It applies to all of us: students and staff.