Community Volunteers,

We welcome any and all interested community members to join us in our mission to enhance and support the education of our Greenfield students, Pre-K to Grade 12. If you have the desire, and some time, we have volunteer opportunities in our schools that may fit you and your interest.

Volunteer Parents and Grandparents,

We invite you to participate in your child’s school. Research shows that when parents are actively involved with their child’s education there is a direct link to increased student performance. You can talk with your child’s teacher about ways to help in the classroom, or contact Lauren Rice at 413-772-1326 or lauric1@gpsk12.org if you have an interest in helping in your child’s school. There are many ways to be involved.

“My son and I both look forward to the afternoons I spend in his class and it really helps to get an understanding about what’s going on in his school.” -A. Boyden, parent volunteer