School Committee

The school committee is responsible for creating policies for the district and overseeing the development of the district budget.

The GPS School Committee is made up of 7 members including the Mayor of Greenfield and six elected officials. Members are elected in November of every odd year and serve four year terms. The committee configures its chairperson, vice chair, and subcommittee assignments annually.

The GPS School Committee meets regularly at 6:30 p.m. on the second Wednesday of every month at the Greenfield High School. All meetings are open to the public and (whenever possible) available to view on GCTV.

The full committee can be reached at

School Committee Contact List 2019

Name  Email Term Ends
Adrienne Nunez, Chair 71 Conway Street Greenfield, MA 01301 413-522-6522 December 31, 2019
Cameron Ward, 39 Nichols Drive Greenfield, MA 01301 413-824-7247 December 31, 2019
Mayor Martin, 125 Old Albany Road Greenfield, MA 01301 413-772-1560 December 31, 2019
Susan Hollins 11 Francis Street Greenfield, MA 01301 603-346-0339 December 31, 2022
Katie Caron, Vice Chair, 9 Linden Avenue Greenfield, MA 01301 413-387-9171 December 31, 2022
Susan Eckstrom, Secretary, 48 Washburn Avenue Greenfield, MA 01301 413-522-8458 December 31, 2019