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Picture of Newton Students Eating Lunch
Picture of GMS Students in Cafeteria
Picture of GMS Students eating lunch

*Photography by Paul Franz.

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Information About School Breakfast, School Lunch and Payment Options

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School Breakfast

All elementary schools have breakfast available from one half hour before school starts for the day. In the Middle School, we have started “Breakfast in the Classroom” an initiative that brings breakfast to the classroom or another designated area. This breakfast is similar to any other breakfast that is served. The student has to make a choice, consisting of juice or fruit, some days a pastry, “cereal on the go,” as well as other items. There is milk available, which a student must pick up on the way through the cafeteria. There is a hot item (an entrée), served with a fruit or juice, and a milk and an option of cold cereal, or items such as a bagel or other breakfast items. We serve free breakfast to elementary and middle school students (K-7). The Greenfield Public Schools Nutritional Services extends the privilege of "Universal Breakfast" to all students in the elementary and middle school through a combination of some state and federal programs as well as from funds from the school lunch program. In the High School, there are hot items available, as well as bagels, English muffins, and cold cereal. We offer a variety of milks, as well as fresh fruit and juices. Pricing is available according to income levels of the family. At all levels of school, we encourage our students to make an application for free or reduced meals. This simple gesture or the taking of time to fill out this application has a great impact on how the Greenfield Public Schools qualify for additional State and Federal funds.

School Lunch

At the Preschool, there is a daily offering of a hot entrée, with vegetables and fruit. In addition to the hot meal, there is a daily offering of a sandwich meal or a Sun butter and jelly sandwich meal. Prepayment of meals is the preferred option.

In the Elementary level, we offer hot entrées daily, and the availability of a sandwich meal or a Sun butter and Jelly Sandwich. There is a daily selection of fresh and cooked vegetables as well as a variety of fresh and processed fruits. Prepayment of meals is the preferred option.

The Middle School brings an even greater variety of foods. The entrées are a daily selection of a great variety of foods, from pizza to chef salads, and different hot entrées daily. We stress that students start to develop a taste for some of the different fruits and vegetables that are available on a daily basis. Prepayment of meals is the option.

Greenfield High School offers to all of the student body, the ability to vary their diets daily. We offer daily: a hot entrée with fruits and vegetables. A variety of hot sandwiches, a daily pizza offering, and the sandwich bar in which the students may compose a sandwich, wrap, sub, or a sandwich on a bulky roll. The key word at the High School level is one of choice. Students from eighth grade through graduation must assume the responsibility to pay for their own meals.

Payment options

Payment options for parents, if they do not qualify for free meals, include paying at the cash register, daily or in advance for the week, or paying online with a credit card at

Look for the "Food Services Payment Portal" link which is in the Table of Contents on the left hand side of most every district Web page. You will need your child's LASID number. The school secretary can give you this information. The number follows your child until graduation from Greenfield Schools. Simply follow the directions and you can pay by credit card or you may make payments at 195 Federal St. Suite 100, at the Nutritional Services office.