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Greetings from Newton School!

Greetings from Newton School,

November is my favorite month because it is when we talk about giving thanks with children.  At Newton School we play, learn, celebrate and always thank the people near and far who make our lives special.  We try to capture the feeling of the caring heart for our young students.  It is critical that as adults we model acts of kindness and gratitude for our children.  Join us this month by doing something special as a family.

We also are busy making cards to thank our local veterans. These will be given out by our friends at Applebee’s.   Remember to thank those who have served or are currently serving.  

On November 19th we will celebrate Pajama Night from 5-6:30.  We invite community readers to share information about their careers and read a story to our children.  We get to have fun, learn about careers, wear our pajamas, and listen to great stories.

Walk to School has started and we invite everyone to join us as we enjoy walking from the Elm Street Bus Stop to Newton School on Thursdays this month. We meet at 7:15 and start walking at 7:30.  The dates are Thursday November 5, 12 and 19th.  Walkers receive special rewards for their morning stroll to Newton School.

Newton School wants to thank everyone involved in our 100th celebration.  The children love their new playground and express their gratitude with smiles and laughter of joy every day. Thank you to the Recreation Department, Mayor, PTO and all of the volunteers who helped build a playground.  

We give special thanks for our Newton family and the love that makes us family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Melodie Goodwin



Remember to save those Box Tops!  Image result for box tops 2014Each one represents ten cents towards a field trip for our children.