Greenfield High School

Picture of Greenfield High School

*Photography by Paul Franz.

Principal’s Message

The school year has passed quickly and summer is upon us. The construction on the second phase of the new high school is well on the way to completion in time for next school year. The Grade Eight Academy has set a firm foundation that will provide the base for high academic achievement throughout the high school years. As the students leave for a well‐deserved summer vacation, we are gearing up to improve instruction and allow for students to continue accelerating in many academic areas. Students enrolled in AP classes have been given summer work to do and students are encouraged to read during the summer break. Many students signed books out of the library for pleasure reading. 
As we leave for the summer break, we say good‐bye to Kerry Heathwaite. Ms. Heathwaite’s family will be moving out of state for new adventures. Much of the success of the 8th grade Academy is due to Kerry’s leadership over the past six years. We thank her for her dedication to the students of Greenfield High School and wish her well. 
Have a great summer and we will see you in August.
Donna Woodcock, Principal
Important Dates
Open House
August 31, 6:00‐7:00pm 
First Day of School
September 2


GHS OPEN HOUSE-April 30, 2015

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