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21 Barr Avenue, Greenfield, Massachusetts 01301


Fax: 413-774-6204

August 14, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students of GHS:

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of you back for the 2017-2018 school year.  I am excited to be taking over as Principal of GHS this year and look forward to working with all of you in making the 2017-18 school year a successful one.  The custodial staff worked extremely hard this summer to ensure a school that is clean and ready for students, faculty, and staff.

A School Council was formed at GHS last year and there are still openings for parent/guardian representation.  If you are interested in serving on the council, please call Brenda Lively at 772-1350 extension 1005. 

There have been important traffic pattern changes at GHS this year to ensure the safety of all who enter the building: 

  • All parents/guardians dropping off students will now do so in front of school (in the previous bus-drop off lanes).  This remains a one-way.  The parking lot in front of the school is for staff and visitors.  Please do not use this area for student drop off.
  • All buses will arrive via Kent Avenue and drop off and pick up students at the Event Entrance at the back of the building.
  • All student parking will now be in the northeast parking lot (parking along the track will no longer be student parking).  If a student drives to school, an appropriate parking pass must be obtained through the Main Office.

The following list is important information that I wanted to make you all aware of:

  • A Meet and Greet is planned for Monday, August 28th from 6:00-7:00 pm at GHS.  This will provide students and parents the opportunity to meet teachers and staff, tour the building, and ask questions. Please join us and take advantage of this time to get to know the faculty and staff here at GHS.
  • The first day of school for students is Wednesday, August 30th. Students must be promptly in class by 7:45 am. (Punctuality is important.)  Breakfast is available for all students free of charge starting at 7:15 am. 

Students will receive a packet of various forms on the first day during their TEAM.  Please read everything carefully and be sure to authorize and submit appropriate forms to the Main Office no later than September 8th.

  • Enclosed is your child’s and your PowerSchool letters for use of the student and parent grade portals.  If you have accessed PowerSchool previously, it will state that you have changed your password.  If you are unsure of what that password is, you can call our guidance administrative assistant, Ms. Benoit, at 772-1350 x1129 and she can reset the student or parent password for use.  If you have never used PowerSchool, enclosed is a handout on how to set up initially.   You may view your student’s schedule in PowerSchool as well as all grades and assignments during the school year.   PowerSchool portal access will not be available, however, until Friday, August 25.  If you are unable to access after this date, please call the guidance office or stop by the school.  We are open from 7:30 am - 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.  The add/drop period will end on September 15th.  No changes to any student schedule will be made after that date.
  • Students who take medications must clear paperwork with Ms. Jamieson, the school nurse.  If you have any questions please call her at 772-1350 ext. 1137.
  • School pictures will be taken on Friday, September 1st.  All students will receive an ID with this picture on it that they must wear during school.  A flyer is enclosed for purchasing pictures of your student.
  • Greenfield High School is a scent-free building. We ask that all students and visitors refrain from wearing scented products.
  • When students arrive at school, it is the expectation that they remain on campus.
  • The cell phone policy at GHS is off and out-of-sight with the exception of the student’s 30-minute lunch period.  We look to parents/guardians for their support in upholding this policy. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at your earliest convenience.


Karin E. Patenaude


Important Dates!!

November 2017

 Wednesday, November 22nd - Early Release - Thanksgiving Break

Thursday, November 23rd - No School - Thanksgiving

Friday, November 24th - No School - Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, November 28th - Guidance Event Financial Aid Seminar 6:30PM

Wednesday, November 29th - Coffee House  7:00PM

December 2017

Friday, December 8th - Winter Formal Dance 7-10 PM GHS Cafeteria

Thursday, December 21st Early Release 11:10 PM

Thursday, December 23rd through Monday, January 1st - Winter Break

All classes resume Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Greenfield High School Hours

7:45 AM - 2:10 PM

7:45 AM - 11:15 AM (Early Release)


Greenfield High School Bus Routs 2017-2018

Route # 2A - AM Only

7:00 AM Aster Court & Leyden Woods Lane

7:03 AM Lilac Court

7:15 AM Drop off Greenfield High School Students


Route # 5- Greenfield Gardens, Munson St., Wisdom Way, Laurel St., River St.

6:50 AM Greenfield Gardens (High School Only)

6:52 AM Corner of Elm Street & Colrain Street

6:56 AM Corner of Fairview West & Munson Street

6:57 AM 168 Munson Street

6:59 AM Wisdom Place

7:01 AM 218 Wisdom Way

7:02 AM 175 Wisdom Way

7:02 AM 133 Wisdom Way

7:03 AM 83 Fairview Street

7:04 AM Corner of Fairview Street & Laural Street

7:05 AM 105 Laurel Street

7:06 AM 23 Laurel Street

7:07 AM Corner of Laurel Street & River Street

7:09 AM 75 River Street

7:15 AM Drop at the Greenfield Middle School

7:20 AM Drop at the Greenfield High School


Route #1 - Woodard Rd, Plain Rd, Green River Rd, Colrain Road

6:38 AM Friendly's Parking Lot

6:42 AM 192 Plain Road

6:46 AM Corner of Nichols Drive & Plain Road

6:47 AM 410 Plain Road

6:48 AM 429 Plain Road

6:50 AM Corner of Handcock Lane & Arnold Lane

6:51 AM Corner of Sauter Lane & Lunt Drive

6:53 AM 401 Green River Road

6:56 AM 136 Green River Road

6:57 AM Corner of Mary Potter Lane & Green River Road

6:58 AM Corner of Meadow Lane & Colrain Road

6:59 AM 398 Colrain Road

6:59 AM 364 Colrain Road

7:00 AM 255 Colrain Road

7:04 AM Corner of Homestead & Thayer Road

7:05 AM Corner of Shelburne Road & Homestead

7:06 AM Corner of Woodard & Colrain Street (RIVERSIDE DRIVE HIGH SCHOOL ONLY)

7:08 AM Corner of Route 2 & Solon Street

7:09 AM Corner of Miner & Shelburne Road

7:10 AM 93 Shelburne Road

7:15 AM Drop at the Middle School

7:20 AM Drop at the High School


Route #2 - Country Club Rd, Leyden Rd, Elm St.

6:53 AM 372 Country Club Road

6:55 AM Corner of Plantation Circle & Country Club Road

6:55AM  559 Country Club Road

6:55 AM 575 Country Club Road

6:57 AM Corner of Sapphire Lane & Country Club Road

6:58 AM South Corner of Brookside & Country Club Road

6:59 AM 714 Country Club Road

7:00 AM Corner of Country Club Road & Barton Road

7:01 AM 184 Barton Road

7:02 AM Corner of Oak Hill Road & Barton Road

7:02 AM Corner of Stetson Dr & Barton Road

7:03 AM 611 Leyden Road

7:03 AM 589 Leyden Road

7:04 AM 586 Leyden Road

7:06 AM 222 Leyden Road

7:07 AM 181 Leyden Road

7:08 AM Pickett Lane & Leyden Road

7:08 AM Corner of Phyliss Lane & Leyden Road

7:10 AM Corner of Oak Courts & Elm Street (MIDDLE SCHOOL ONLY)

7:15 AM Drop off students at Greenfield High School

Route #3 - Fairview, Wisdom Way, Petty Plain, Laurel, River, Meridian

6:47 AM 162 Montague City Road

6:48 AM Corner of Prentice Avenue & Montague City Road

6:49 AM Corner of Park Avenue & Montague City Road

6:50 AM Corner of Southern Avenue

6:50 AM Kevin's Auto

6:53 AM Corner of Petty Plain East & Deerfield Street

6:55 AM Corner of Meridian Street & Deerfield Street

6:56 AM Corner of Washington Street & Deerfield Street (North End)

6:58 AM 11 Mill Street

7:00 AM Pine Ridge Estates

7:02 AM Corner of Petty Plain Road & Meridian Street

7:07 AM Corner of Main Street & High Street at Crescent Street

7:09 AM Corner of Federal Street & Leonard Street

7:12 AM Drop at the Greenfield Middle School

7:18 AM Drop at the Greenfield High School


Route #4 - Wunsch Rd, Adams Rd, Lampblack, Long Plain Rd, Bernardston Rd

6:47 AM 14 Wunsch Road

6:47 AM Corner of Wunsch Road & Canada Hill Road

6:48 AM 28 Canada Hill Road

6:50 AM 43 Adams Road

6:51 AM 413 Adams Road

6:52 AM 417 Adams Road

6:57 AM 599 Lampblack Road

6:58 AM 789 Lampblack Road

7:00 AM Corner of Wayland Drive & Log Plain Road East

7:01 AM Fargo Drive & Log Plain Road East

7:01 AM 1109 Bernardston Road

7:02 AM Severance/Barton/Newell Pond/Log Plain

7:04 AM 988 Bernardston Road

7:06 AM Corner of Rockland & Bernardston Road

7:07 AM Corner of Overland Street & Bernardston Road

7:08 AM Corner of Burnham Street & Bernardston Road

7:09 AM Corner of Cherry Street & Bernardston Road

7:11 AM Corner of Summer Street & Oakland Street

7:14 AM Drop off at Greenfield High School

Route #6 AM only- Frederick St, Greenfield Gardens

7:04 AM Corner of Frederic Street & Elm Street

7:06 AM Greenfield Gardens- MIDDLE SCHOOL ONLY

7:08 AM Corner of Riverside Drive & Colrain Street -MIDDLE SCHOOL ONLY

7:17 AM Drop at Greenfield Middle School



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