GHS Program of Studies

Dear Students:

We are pleased to present to you the Greenfield High School Program of Studies for the 2017- 2018 academic year. Our faculty and staff are especially happy to welcome the Class of 2022 to Greenfield High School. It is our goal to build a positive school climate that allows for all students to achieve academically and to enrich their life through the exploration of a wide range of course offerings.

Our 2017-2018 Program of Studies reflects our schools Core Values, Beliefs, and Learning Expectations. Please take the time to look carefully at all the offerings and check for the proper sequencing in departments. Certain courses are needed for high school graduation in Massachusetts. Other courses allow students to follow their dreams and try new areas of learning.

Your careful attention to the course selection process will help us to develop an educational program which will best meet the needs of each individual student. Graduation requirements are detailed in this catalogue and should be tracked yearly using the work sheet in the back. Students will be registering online during school the second week of April. We will be making decisions regarding teacher assignments, number of course sections, and the specific placement of courses in the master schedule based on student selections. It is for this reason that students need to be thoughtful in their selections and provide alternative selections on their registration sheets. After the students make their selections they will print their selection page and bring it home for parents/guardians to review. The selections will be reviewed by the student’s guidance counselor and current teachers to confirm the students have met the required pre-requisites. We encourage you to call the guidance department to discuss concerns or to plan for future academic success.

Next year, Greenfield High School will have an excellent educational program taught by a dedicated and highly qualified staff. Our high school is committed to providing each student an individualized, enriching education. We look forward to having an exciting high school program for you at Greenfield next year.

View Program Of Studies (PDF)