Google Classrooms & Teacher Websites

GOOGLE Classroom Instructions:


1: Go to and click Sign In.

2: Sign in with your Google Account.

For example,

3: Select Classroom from the 9 dot grid menu.

4: Click Add.

5: Enter the code* and click Join.

*If you do not have your class code, please email your teacher. Email addresses and additional teacher websites can be found below.


5th Grade

Ms. Hastings

Ms. DiGiovanni

Ms. Murphy-Davis

Ms. Marchefka

Ms. McColgan

Ms. Mulcahy




6th Grade

Mr. Carlino

Ms. Squier

Ms. Hill

Mr. Bevacqua

Ms. Eaton


7th Grade

Mr. Nate Burdick

Mr. Carriveau

Ms. Carriveau

Ms. Ewart

Mr. Tucker


Special Education Teachers and Reading Specialists

Teacher Burgher

Ms. Erickson

Ms. Hall

Ms. Herlihy

Ms. Parker

Ms. Slowinski


Unified Arts

Ms. Campbell

Ms. Cronen-Townsend

Ms. Winn

Ms. Gilliland

Ms. Marks-Sund

Ms. Gaudette

Ms. Stevens

Ms. Scotera

Mr. Hickey


Counselor's Corner!

Ms. Israeloff & Ms. ML