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     Welcome to our exciting new communications tool, called We’re Listening, providing a Web-based opportunity for teachers, students, staff, parents, and community members to comment on a variety of important topics such as the Budget, Buildings and Facilities, our Composting Initiative, Food Services and more. Your thoughts are sent to Administrators who will respond with answers or direct your comments to the right staff member who can respond.

     Whenever you have a question, comment, suggestion, concern or compliment to share, please visit this page and send us your thoughts. While We’re Listening is not a replacement for a face-to-face meeting or a phone call, we hope that providing this interactive tool will enable us to connect and provide another way for your voice to be heard.

     In the event of an emergency, please contact the Central Office at 413.772.1300 or call 911 if it is a law enforcement matter.

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