Title I 2019 Program Family Survey

Title I 2019 Survey

Dear Greenfield School Families,

Our district receives federal Title I funding which provides our students’ academic, college and career readiness and social-emotional learning supports needed for success in schools. It is intended for all students to have a boost in reading, math and English Language Arts foundational skills. However, we do provide individual or small group interventions for students whose MAP scores or MCAS Next Generation Achievement levels are below grade level or do not meet achievement levels.

Title I is not a special education program or only for struggling students. All students are entitled to the teaching strategies regardless of their academic performance. We use textbooks, online educational subscriptions, and curriculum supports to provide students with the best path to academic success and a sound educational experience.

We would like your input on our program: what you know about it, how it is used to help your child achieve, and what we can do to further help your child to be successful in the classroom. Would you kindly complete this survey - you can print a copy here or pick one up at your school - and return to your school office by April 12, 2019.


Title I Coordinator