Technology Training Tutorials for Staff

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Professional Development Technology Training Opportunities for GPS Staff

We are looking for GPS teachers interested in offering refreshers, workshops, presentations on digital tools for teaching and learning as we transition to remote learning during the COVID-19 school closure. Suggested topics include G-Suite training-Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Google Classroom (Introductory or Intermediate), School Messenger, Remind, YouTube (creating and editing videos, adding captions, cropping), Webpage, etc. For example, teachers could create a 30-min training Zoom workshop for easy topics and 60-90 min for longer topics that other teachers could "sign up” for.  This would be a great service to other teachers!

If you want to share your skills, please fill out the PD Training form to indicate your areas of interest. Simple topics would be fine.

If you'd like us to post a digital tool training tutorial or presentation that you've created, please contact Carol Holzberg (

Training Resources and Tutorials

If there are additional links you'd like to see posted below, please contact Carol Holzberg ( and share the link.

Please note that many of these links can only be accessed through your username and password. Best to use the Chrome browser as well with Google resources.

  • UFLI (University of Florida Literacy Institute) Virtual Teaching Hub-Teacher Tech Tutorials: How To's for slideshows, XZoom, Mee, WebEx, Google Classroom, SeeSaw, Kahoot, Digital Whiteboards, Bitmoji Classrooms, Document Cameras and more.

GoGuardian Teacher

Google Classroom

Google Meet

  • Google Meet: New Features (video demonstration by Jessica Pollock, available for viewing with your GPS email address and Chrome).

Google Meet has introduced a couple of new features.

  1. Raise Hand - students can now alert you that they want to speak by clicking the "raise hand" button in the lower right hand menu. Teachers can click on the "people" menu at the top right to see who has their hand raised and lower it when the student has had the change to speak.

  2. Q&A - The top right menu offer a shapes menu, which has an option for "Q&A". This feature allows students to post questions, upvote questions other students have posted that they also have, and to sort the questions posted. Teachers are able to see the questions, sort them in multiple ways, mark them as answered, delete questions, and make questions not visible. 

  3. Turn Off Chat - In the lower left hand menu, there is a new security menu. In this menu, you can turn off chat to students, so they are not able to post in the chat by toggling to the left and greying out that menu option. If chat is turned off, students are still able to access and use the Q&A feature. 


Google Meet-Turn Off Quick Access

By turning off Quick access, you prevent unwanted callers from entering your Google Meet. But if a student requires a phone for audio, the meeting host can still add the student manually by phone number.

Google Chat

  • Work from Home with Google Chat. Using Google Chat within Chrome provides instant messaging capabilities with individuals and/or groups. Great for team meetings with colleagues when working remotely.

Google Forms

Google Sites

Google for Education




I’m excited to announce that we now have Screencastify [Record, Edit, and Submit Unlimited, which provides everyone with [unlimited recordings, edited videos, and unlimited Submit assignments! If you haven’t tried Screencastify, it’s super easy to get started facilitating video-based learning and making learning more personal. Your license will automatically be upgraded the next time you use the Google extension. I could also get to the tool by going to, then signing in with my email address and password.

Please tell us about all of the amazing videos you create for student learning.

Seesaw (PreK-Grade 2)