Chromebooks at the Middle School

     We’re very excited about the Chromebook initiative at our Middle School!!!

Chromebook   Chromebook Cart

     Beginning in September 2015 and thanks to funding from the Massachusetts Office of Digital Learning, the Town of Greenfield, and the Greenfield Education Foundation, the Greenfield Middle School installed a building-wide wireless network and purchased 132 Chromebooks for a grade 7 math pilot project. Right from the start, Middle School teachers observed increased student engagement with the new digital devices. The Chromebooks enabled students to devote more time to their Web-based math curriculum. Additionally, the devices empowered students with opportunities for “just-in-time” digital learning.

     The Chromebook learning initiative has been so successful, it has expanded to all Middle School grades. With ELT funding, there are now 282 personal mobile devices at the school. Students use their Chromebooks daily for amplified learning and personalized instruction in Math, Science and English Language Arts. They conduct Internet-based research and access information when they need it instead of having to schedule computer time for research in the building’s two labs. They are also learning to collaborate with peers online and are able to receive more timely feedback on their work.

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