Volunteer FAQs

Who can be a Greenfield School Volunteer?

Our volunteers are interested community members of all ages and walks of life. They are people like you who have some time, energy and the desire to make a difference in their community.

What do Greenfield School volunteers do?

There are many opportunities for volunteering in the Greenfield Public Schools. Volunteers may choose to work in any of our varied programs at all levels Pre-K – Grade 12. You may choose whether you would like to be a regular volunteer, or one who would like to help on an occasional basis.

How often would I volunteer?

It is up to you how often and how much you would like to volunteer in our schools. A regular volunteer works weekly on a regular, consistent basis that meets your availability and the teacher’s need. These opportunities involve working 1:1 with students, and/or small groups in specific subject areas. These areas could include reading, writing, math practice/games, art, computer support, or library assistance at the elementary level and specific tutoring or support in subject areas at the middle and high school levels. Volunteers work with and under the supervision of the teacher. Regular volunteers can also support teachers and staff with clerical work, i.e. copying and organizing. A special interest volunteer comes in on a one-time or short-term basis. This could include helping with a special project, being a field trip chaperone, sharing a special interest, travel experiences, or career information.

I am not able to volunteer during the school day, is there another way I can help?

Yes, you can help at home to complete small projects, such as cutting out materials for projects and games, or typing children’s stories or poems. PTOs often have a need for special activities outside of the school day as well.

How do I join the Greenfield Public Schools Volunteer Program?

It’s easy to become involved. To begin, you can call 413-772-1300 or email lauric1@gpsk12.org.

Or, if you prefer, you can follow the following procedure:

  1. Click on the “Forms” link and download the appropriate application form.
  2. Return the form to the Volunteer Coordinator at 195 Federal St. Suite 100 electronically or in person.
  3. You will be contacted to meet for a brief interview process to:
    1. Complete a CORI (background check) application.
    2. Discuss preferences, interests, and availability.
    3. Clarify expectations and responsibilities.