Vision & Mission

It is the Vision of the Greenfield Public Schools that every student has access to an academically rigorous, enriching, and well-rounded education that affords them opportunities to be well-connected scholars and contributing members of the broader society in which they live. To that end, Greenfield Public Schools strives to create a partnership between educators, students, and families to serve as a collaborative team and ensure the best possible outcomes for our students.
VISION - We believe that:
  • Every student has the ability to succeed, the right to be respected and challenged, and the responsibility to do his or her best

  • Every family is welcomed and is a full partner in the education of their child

  • Every educator is an essential factor in guiding the educational development of his/her students

MISSION - In order to accomplish this:

  • Pre-school opportunities prepare students for later success through a range of developmentally appropriate social, cognitive and motor opportunities in a safe, enriching environment

  • Elementary school students engage in a broad and inter-disciplinary curriculum with opportunities for differentiated supports in order to master literacy and mathematics skills on grade-level, serving as a foundation for lives as productive, self-enabling citizens

  • Middle School students engage in extensive community service, project-based learning, and thematic activities, connected to a rigorous and meaningful academic program of studies

  • High School students participate in a wide range of accelerated and AP courses, take full advantage of college counseling, enjoy physical and emotional well-being through clubs, sports, and activities, and have access to preparation for college or career in their chosen field

  • Teachers and faculty have access to high quality Professional Development, are experts in their content and instructional approaches, and have an active voice in key instructional decisions

CORE VALUES - We are guided by the following principles:
  • Safe & Supportive Environments are part of who we are

  • Community Engagement is integral to our work – if we want students to be connected to the world, we must find ways for them to engage outside the classroom walls

  • Access to high quality educational opportunities is a cornerstone of the success of all students

  • Student learning is assessed using a range of measures that include qualitative and quantitative approaches that reflect the unique differences of the student body served

  • Decisions are guided by their impact on students, and student success is the measure of the work we do

---Adopted unanimously by vote of Greenfield School Committee on October 14, 2015
Greenfield Public Schools Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan