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Recorder: "Four Corners has a Thanksgiving of its own"


Recorder Staff
Saturday, October 14, 2017
GREENFIELD — A loud “booyah!” was let out by the student when he saw food still left. He turned to his friends, pointed to the remaining dishes, all based on one crop — squash. They looked at him, sweat dripping down their...

Recorder: "‘Miracle Minute’ at Greenfield High raises $600"


Recorder Staff
Tuesday, October 10, 2017
GREENFIELD — Accomplishments take time. But Greenfield High School students recently learned that even a minute can be enough to make a difference.
Nearly $600 was raised for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico in a school event...

Recorder: "Interim GHS principal steps into permanent post"

GREENFIELD — As she left college, Karin Patenaude wondered what to do with an English degree.
She would try the field of law, working as a paralegal. Unfulfilled, she went back to school to get a degree so that she could become a teacher.
Teaching high school English in Palmer, she developed a...

Recorder: "Fifth-graders work the Green River Cleanup"


Recorder Staff
Tuesday, September 19, 2017
GREENFIELD — How could cleaning up a river be in the least bit pleasant, let alone fun?
“I thought it was going to be gross, just picking up trash all over the place,” sixth-grader Lilly Ross said, reminiscing about last...

Monday, September 25th, is Family Day!

 Greenfield Public Schools supports family engagement! 

Convocation 2017

Convocation, August 28, 2017
Teachers filled the new Greenfield High School Auditorium Monday morning, after enjoying a delicious breakfast served by GPS Cafeteria staff. They were greeted with a warm welcome by School Committee Chair, Mayor William Martin, and School Committee Secretary Don...

Recorder: "Wider perspective: Greenfield High students return from Nicaragua"

Children climbed through mounds of trash, cheering whenever a new load was dumped as they searched for cans to collect, younger siblings in tow.
Competing with them for the cans were thousands of giant turkey vultures, scavenging alongside as the children in Matagalpa, a Nicaraguan town, searched...

Bus Routes 2017-18

See the entire list of up-to-date Kuzmeskus routes here: https://www.travelkuz.com/greenfield-public-and-four-rivers#dm


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