Convocation, August 28, 2017

Teachers filled the new Greenfield High School Auditorium Monday morning, after enjoying a delicious breakfast served by GPS Cafeteria staff. They were greeted with a warm welcome by School Committee Chair, Mayor William Martin, and School Committee Secretary Don Alexander.

The Superintendent addressed the crowd, which included new and returning teachers and administrators. In this inaugural address for the 2017-2018 school year, after highlighting the positive progress towards district initiatives in place, teachers were given a light-hearted reminder of their importance and influence. Teachers are uniquely poised to “find something special in someone each day,” and to help “lift up the world, one heart at a time!” Following the children’s song “I think you’re wonderful,” the good-natured teachers joined the chorus, “Oh what a difference we’ll make in each day, and all because someone decided to say, I think you’re wonderful!”

Administrators then came to the stage and GHS Principal Karin Patenaude took to the microphone as prizes were raffled off to the educators in the crowd. Cheers erupted as school supplies, calculators, coffee mugs, and umbrellas found their way to the appreciative crowd! Grand prize winners got their fair share of stickers, markers, and all things back-to-school!

Before heading back to their buildings for back-to-school faculty meetings and professional development workshops, the Greenfield Education Association addressed their members.

Teachers concluded the day by readying their classrooms for families & students for Meet N Greets held throughout the district. Turnout at Monday & Tuesday nights events was terrific, with record numbers at many schools.

We thank the hard-working teachers and administrators of the Greenfield Public Schools and the wonderful students and families we serve!

Here’s to a wonderful 2017-2018 school year!

The Superintendent’s Presentation is viewable here:

Superintendent's Presentation, Convocation August 28, 2017

Superintendent's Presentation, August 28, 2017

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