School Messenger Info Session for Parents

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We are excited to announce that the inaugural School Messenger Parent/Guardian Information session will take place in the Middle School Library on Wednesday evening, September 12, at 5:45 PM - 6:30 PM.
All parents/guardians interested in learning more about School Messenger and how to use the tool to set up notification settings or communicate with their child's classroom teacher are welcome to attend.
During the training, we will explore the following topics as time permits:
  • Creating a PowerSchool Parent/Guardian Portal login using the paperwork sent by the child's school. If parents/guardians haven't created their PowerSchool Parent portal account we can help
  • Connecting to School Messenger through PowerSchool
    • Exploring the Web application (Messages; Personalize notification preferences)
  • Exploring SchoolMessenger Mobile Apps (downloading iOS or Android Cell phone apps)
  • SMS Opt-in, reviewing the process for those who would like assistance

For more information about SchoolMessenger click here. 

Please join us for the training. GPS tech staff will be on hand to help with training.
Thank you.
Carol S. Holzberg, Director of Technology

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