School Committee approves new Comprehensive Health Education Curriculum

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On August 19, 2019, the Greenfield School Committee unanimously adopted a new comprehensive health education curriculum for students in Grades 6-12. The curriculum, "Rights, Respect, and Responsibility," (commonly referred to as "3R's") is fully available online for parents and educators to view. Rights, Respect, and Responsibility is an inclusive, research-based curriculum that includes information about sexuality and reproduction that meets the CDC as well as state and national standards. The Committee also adopted a special education component of the new Health Curriculum, in collaboration with the Whole Children foundation, a local non-profit organization committed to the well-being of special needs children and their families. 

Research shows that students who participate in comprehensive health & sexuality education make safer choices for themselves and their futures, and have improved long-term health and positive outcomes. 

We recognize the important role that families play, and the Committee included many GPS parents as well as community experts and religious advisors. The curriculum and materials chosen include family activities designed to give parents/guardians tools, including a suite of free online videos appropriate for adolescent youth, to discuss these important subjects with their children. Parents who wish to opt-out from the school’s health lessons may contact the school principal to do so, and students who opt-out will be provided an alternate educational activity. 

The Greenfield Public Schools wishes to thank the many parents, teachers, religious advisors, and community health experts who contributed to the Health Education Task Force recommendations.

For more information, please visit the links below or contact your child's health teacher. 

3R's overview 

Click here to view the full 3R's curriculum. 

Click here to view the full Superintendent's Health Education Taskforce Executive Summary: 

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Click here to view the minutes from the August 2019 School Committee meeting where the Task Force’s recommendations were unanimously approved:

SC approves new curriculum

Science Behind 3Rs: 

3Rs Curriculum:

Amaze Videos:

MA Comprehensive Health Curriculum Framework:

National Sexuality Health Education Standards:

Whole Selves (Special Education Curriculum Component)