Recorder: "Big Y donates funds to upgrade school’s playground"

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Big Y donates funds to upgrade school’s playground

Recorder Staff

Published: 4/5/2019 5:32:01 PM

The playground basketball court at the Newton School in Greenfield is a crumbling mess with cracks, grass, mud puddles or ice, depending on the time of year. There are no painted lines for games like four square or even foul lines for the basketball hoops. After not receiving funds from the city, Newton School faculty member Britney Skiff wrote a letter to Big Y Supermarkets detailing the condition of the uneven surface. “You always have to be prepared for uneven ruts, bumps, and collections of ice or water that traverse the surface as you attempt to play knockout or half court basketball,” she wrote. Skiff went on to outline her wish for an even, safe playing surface with painted lines for games and basketball and added a wish for a shaded “hip-roof” structure to provide shelter from the sun and elements with picnic tables for outdoor teaching.

On Thursday morning, the entire school assembled in the gymnasium for a ceremony to accept a check from Big Y Supermarkets for $5,000 towards paving the basketball court from Dariusz Kaczowka and Wanda Payant, representing the supermarket. After the ceremony the entire school went out to the basketball court to form a big “Y” for photos. Principal Melanie Goodwin says the school’s Parent Teacher Organization will pay the $2,600 balance to Johnson Asphalt Paving of Northfield, which has agreed do the paving. The shade structure will have to wait for future fundraising.

Newton students line up in Y-shape

Photo credit: Paul Franz