New! 2019-2020 Substitute Wage Information

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During the November 13th School Committee meeting, upon suggestion of the Superintendent, committee members approved new Substitute Rates. Check them out below:

  Old Rates  High school diploma BA/BS degree Certified or Retired Teacher Extended Learning Time
Teacher $80.00-$85.00/day $95.00/day $100.00/day $105.00/day $125.00/day
Half-day Rates   $47.50/day $50.00/day $52.50/day  
Instructional Assistant (paraprofessional) $11.00/hour $13.00/hour $13.00/hour    

NOW HIRING: Substitute teachers, instructional assistants, bus monitors, cafeteria workers, and more!

Superintendent Harper talks about increased pay rates for Paraprofessionals & Substitute Teachers

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