Hillside Pizza partners with GPS!

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Hillside Pizza is a family-owned company that started in Greenfield in 2001. Originally run out of the community kitchen at the Community Development Center in Greenfield, Hillside Pizza opened their own restaurant and processing facility in South Deerfield in 2006.

Hillside’s commitment to using the best ingredients – oftentimes organic and without additives and preservatives – is very appealing to the Greenfield Public Schools because it aligns with our mission to serve high quality meals to our students.

Hillside Pizza is also part of our Buy Local initiative and adding their products to our ever growing list of local products moves us towards our goal of purchasing at least 10% of our school food from local companies and farmers.  

Hillside joins Just Roots, Joe Czajkowski Farms, FB Foods locally made applesauce, and Hood Milk as our newest local partner that we purchase products from for school meals.