Grinspoon 2018 Award Winners

grinspoon 2018 awards

Grinspoon Award Winners

Each year, the Superintendent has the pleasure of acknowledging some of our highly dedicated and motivated teachers with the Pioneer Valley Excellence in Teaching Award, commonly known as the "Grinspoon Award" in honor of its founder, Harold Grinspoon.

This year, Greenfield had three award winners - two veteran teachers and one who is in their first two years of teaching.

To be eligible, teachers had to demonstrate remarkable classroom performance, excellent attendance, benefit to the school community above and beyond the classroom, evaluations of proficient or exemplary, and the endorsement of their principal. All three of our award winners did just that, and were surprised in their classroom on February 16th with the awards!

A banquet will be held at the Log Cabin on April 26 for the honored teachers, principals, and invited guests.

This year's award winners are:

Award for a New Teacher:

Ms. Gina Clark, Music Teacher, Federal Street School

Ms. Clark has taught in Greenfield for 2 years and has done a phenomenal job creating a band, chorus, and wonderful performances.  Ms. Clark has worked through many challenges this year one of which includes a flooded music room and still managed to put on a wonderful winter concert.

Veteran Teachers:

Ms. Marguerite Rancourt, Grade 4 Teacher, Discovery School at Four Corners

Ms. Rancourt has taught in Greenfield for 21 years and her biggest strength is her passion for kids.  She is committed and relentless to do what’s best for each child in her class.  She’s a role model for self-assessing and working towards self-improvement.  She puts in incredible hours attending PTO meetings, after school ILT meetings, facilitating building based mentor meetings, meeting with her grade level team after school, and more.

Ms. Angela Mass, Math Teacher, Greenfield High School

Ms. Mass has taught in Greenfield for 18 years.  Ms. Mass is not only an outstanding teachers at Greenfield High School who consistently works to improve her craft and engage students in highly effective ways, but is also a key figure in building community at Greenfield High School as the Student Council Advisor.  She works diligently to not only provide excellence in the classroom but out of the classroom as well.

Please join me in celebrating our teachers!