GPS' Trout in the Classroom program

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The 5th grade students at GMS/MSA have been raising native brook trout through a program called Trout in the Classroom put on by the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.This is an activity that ties in with the grade five curriculum and connects with our community through our Community Service Learning class. Greening Greenfield has partnered with our school to help fund this program. 

The Palmer Hatchery Manager delivered the trout eggs in early December. Students learn how to raise the brook trout from egg, to alevin, and then to the fry stage of their life cycle in an artificial environment. Students research the life cycle, what trout need to survive in the wild, and why it is important to protect our water sources. 

 Trout in tank

Students learning about Trout More students learning about Trout

 Trout presentation

On Tuesday, June 4, the 5th grade students, teachers, Greening Greenfield, and other members of the community came together to release the trout into the Green River.  

 Teachers at 2019 Trout Release

Trout photo op

Photos by: Superintendent Harper, Barabra Unaitis, Matt Holloway

Video by: Superintendent Harper

WHAI Radio Minute: Superintendent Harper gets involved in a "fishy" chat with Principal Karen Cousland about the trout that Middle School students raised from eggs to release. The project encouraged GMS students to think and care about conservation, and helped them make the connection between caring for their fish and caring for their local environment. Air date 6/3/19