GPS offers paperless pay stubs & employee self-service program

paperless paystubs  2

Attention Greenfield Public School Employees:

In an effort to reduce the amount of paper annually produced through the town offices of the City of Greenfield, we are pleased to announce that GPS employees now have the option to receive paperless pay stubs! If you are interested in making the switch, you can click here to download the official request form. Once completed, please return the form to Payroll & Benefits Coordinator, Loretta Doolittle at Central Office, 195 Federal Street, Suite 100. 

There's also a new Employee Self-Service program that will allow you to:

  • See your W-2
  • See your W-4 (please note that at this time you cannot change the W-4)
  • See your paychecks
  • Make changes to your address and phone number
  • See your accruals

If you are interested in learning more about this new service, including how to sign-up, you can click here to download the step-by-step guide

Once enrolled, you can access the MUNIS Self-Service City of Greenfield system in MUNIS or select the MUNIS Self-Service City of Greenfield link from the Staff drop-down menu (see below).
Munis Link in Staff Dropdown menu

If you have any questions, please call our main line at 413-772-1300.