Annual GMS Green River Clean-up

annual green river cleanup

The Greenfield Public Schools is proud to support ongoing efforts to maintain a clean environment and to do our part to help volunteer right in our own community. Each year, Greenfield Middle School students participate in the Green River Cleanup. This year, on Friday, September 27th, GMS 5th grade students expanded their Green River Clean Up to three local sites: Eunice Williams Dr., Just Roots, and Camp Keewanee. Our students had various opportunities to work together for a common goal. Students who visited Eunice Williams Drive worked together to clean-up liter along the river bed and covered bridge. At the Camp Keewanee site, students combed through the trails in search of litter and debris that could negatively impact the woodland ecosystems. At Just Roots, students participated in all parts of food cultivation and cleaning that depend on clean water and soil: they cleaned garlic, picked potatoes, and weeded carrot beds. Our students enjoyed giving back to their community and were able to experience the impact community service has on our greater community!  

Please click below to enjoy some of the photos from this event, and click here to listen to 5th grade students talking about this event at WHAI.