Google Classroom and Teacher Website Links

Google Classroom Instructions:

  1.  Go to and click "Sign In"

  2. Sign in with your Google account.  For example:

  3. Select "Classroom" from the 9 dot grid menu

  4. Click "Add"

  5. Enter the code* and click "Join"

*If you do not have your class code, please email your teacher.



Ms. Lavoine

Ms. Scagel

Mr. Sustick


1st Grade

Ms. Bailey

Ms. Barisano

Ms. Skelton


2nd Grade

Ms. Ducharme

Ms. Perna

Ms. Winston


3rd Grade

Ms. Furgalack

Ms. Paul

Ms. Sautter


4th Grade

Ms. Paul

Ms. Pinger

Ms. Rancourt



Ms. Mele



Ms. Clark



Mr. A


Special Education

Ms. Tiley


Physical Therapy 

Karen Johnson and Deb Wing