Exciting News in Food Service!


We will be holding a grant-funded raffle for ages 10-18 who participate in the summer meals program! Any time youth ages 10-18 get a free meal at one of 4 locations, they can fill out a raffle ticket to enter a chance to win a $60 gift card to Olympia Sports! See times and locations below. 

Free Summer Meals Participation Raffle Grant Funded

We are cooking up our plans for the Greenfield Summer Meals Program!

Stay tuned for more details.. 


Greenfield Summer Meals Program 2019

We awarded a winner of our GPS Recipe Contest! Yavian of GHS won with a submission of a family favorite recipe. 

The dish that he submitted was Yavian's Chicken Alfredo with a Puerto Rican style Greek Rice! 

It is featured on our January menus!! 

Congratulations Yavian!!! 


Chef Sam will be visiting AEL on February 7th to give out free samples of Smoky BBQ Pork Chili!

Chef Sam flier February 2019 visit to AEL

On 11/08/2018 Chef Sam visited GMS and on 11/15/2018 he visited GHS. He gave out free samples of Creole Style Fish Sandwiches! 

Poster announcing a Chef Sam visit to GMS to serve Spicy Creole Fish SandwichChef Sam giving out samples of Creole Fish Sandwich

Chef Sam's Creole Fish Sandwich Samples

On 10/11/2018 Chef Sam visited Federal Street School and on 10/19/2018 he visited Newton School!

Poster announcing a visit from Chef Sam to Federal Street School and Newton SchoolNewton School students made a banner for Sam that said "Chef Sam Rocks!"

He shared free samples of Spicy Chicken Flatbread! Newton School Students made him a banner! 


On Thursday, September 13, Chef Sam visited GMS to share free samples of the upcoming new menu item Beef & Cheese Burritos!

On Thursday, September 20, Chef Sam visited GHS to share free samples of the upcoming new menu item Beef & Cheese Burritos!