District News from June 2017


Recorder Staff

Monday, June 26, 2017

GREENFIELD — It was winter break, and as Greenfield High School junior Maiya Johnston got into the family car, her mother asked, “So, did you find anything out?”

Puzzled, the senior replied, “No, what are you talking about?”

“I know something you don’t know,” teased her mother, who had gotten word about the emails that were reaching a select group of GHS students that day.

On Friday, June 2, Superintendent Harper addressed the Graduating Class of 2017 at Greenfield High School Auditorium.

Recorder article: "GHS graduates recall life’s lessons learned"

Superintendent Harper's remarks:

Good evening Parents, School Committee Members, Elected Officials, Teachers & Staff, GHS Alums, and the graduating Class of 2017!!!

Congratulations to Mariya Stytsenko for winning the 11th annual "My Ideal School" contest sponsored by the Massachusetts School Building Authority. Over 2500 drawings were received by first graders from across Massachusetts, eleven winners were chosen to participate in a ceremony at the State House in Boston. Mariya received the grand prize and her artwork will be featured on the cover of the MSBA's Annual Report.