8th Grade Academy

Welcome to the incoming Class of 2024!

Welcome to 8th Grade!  

We are looking forward to a great year with all of you!  


Summer Reading Suggestions

We encourage you to read as much as possible over the summer, we suggest you read two books - one fiction and one nonfiction/informational text.  Research shows that consistent reading each day (30-45 minutes) will increase reading and comprehension skills and benefit you in every subject, even math!  Reading is a great way to escape a hot, humid summer afternoon and to travel anywhere that a good author can take you. It will also keep your mind sharp and prepare you for all of your 8th grade classes!



Supplies you will need to start 2019-2020 year off right:

  • Binders for each core class (Math/Sci/History/English)

  • One additional binder for period 5 class

  • Dividers for each binder and lined paper (get multiple packs)

  • Pencils and erasers  - get multiple packs

  • Index Cards - (at least 3 packs for flash cards) 

  • Other helpful supplies - colored pencils, markers, stickies, highlighters, a few more pencils

  • White t-shirt (1 to tie-dye for class color days)

  • 1 subject spiral notebook (math)

  • 1 composition book (English)

If any family needs assistance with supplies, please contact guidance at 413-772-1350 x1129!

Have a great summer! The 8th grade teachers at GHS



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