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As of January 1, 2014, Greenfield's virtual School
is now fully converted to an independent public school,
located at 278 Main Street, Suite 205, Greenfield, MA 01301, 413.475.3789.
For more infomation, please contact Carl Tillona,

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Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield
Commonwealth Virtual School

July 1, 2013:  As of July 1, 2013, Greenfield Virtual Innovation School has converted to the state's first Commonwealth Virtual School. It is still named "The Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield," still operated by the Greenfield Public Schools under a contract for superintendent services, and still in partnership with K12,Inc., for courses and instructional services.

The new Board of Trustees is just beginning and is in the early stages of setting up a website and moving archival and current documents to the new website. The new website, which announces Board of Trustees meetings and posts agendae and minutes is:

Parents wanting to apply to the Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield (MAVA@Greenfield) can find information on this web site ( and also Email Carl Tillona, Principal,


We hope that this FAQ section will be helpful.
Please send any additional questions you have to:
We will be updating this information periodically so please check back frequently.

1. Is the Massachusetts Virtual Academy @Greenfield (MAVA@Greenfield) an Innovation School? And, if so, what is an Innovation School?

As of January 2010, new legislation in Massachusetts allows school districts to create “innovation schools.” These are schools based on a proposal and plan advanced through the school committee for authorization. The intent of the legislation was to stimulate innovation within school districts and find ways to increase student achievement.

A goal is for MAVA@Greenfield to be one of the state’s first innovation schools. Supported by the School Committee, MAVA@Greenfield will open in September 2010 as a statewide, public virtual innovation school.

2. Can students from other districts apply?

Yes. MAVA@Greenfield is designed as a statewide, public virtual school. We are providing this new opportunity to K-8 students anywhere in the state (or outside the state) who need to access a quality schooling experience and who otherwise cannot or will not attend a brick-and-mortar school for various reasons. Regardless of where a student lives in Massachusetts, attending MAVA@Greenfield is possible!

3. How do I apply for my child to attend the school?

Application materials will be posted on the MAVA@Greenfield web page soon. Once the virtual school is launched, all application intake will happen online through our curriculum provider, K12. Administrators from other school districts making referrals should contact Greenfield Schools directly (Carl Tillona, Principal,

4. How do parents decide about online learning?

Once parents understand that the online education program Greenfield is offering is a high quality program, then they need to consider if they have the time and commitment to support this online learning program for his or her student at home.

Parents also have to consider if the student’s needs and style of learning are a good match for online learning.

Parents must be committed to supporting the online learning program and serving as “coach.” Students must want to attend a virtual school and be motivated to succeed. When parents, students and teachers are supported and guided by a team of qualified teachers using an exceptional curriculum, it’s a winning formula for success!

5. Is the new virtual school for a particular type of student?

MAVA@Greenfield will be open to any student who might benefit from the school. In designing the school, Greenfield did identify certain types of students it particularly wanted to serve. While open to all students, priority will be given to students in the following categories:

  • Students with medical conditions that interfere with attendance, e.g. cancer, Crohn’s, immune disorders,
  • Students out of school due to pregnancy or parenting,
  • Students with developmental, social-emotional, pedagogical, or unique individual learning needs well-served by the virtual school medium,
  • Students who feel bullied or who are out of school due to other safety concerns,
  • Students who seek an advanced course program not available in their assigned school,
  • Students who have to work during the day to help support their families,
  • Students who have dropped out of school or whose original high school class has since graduated,
  • Students in training for competitive arts or sports,
  • Other reasons of a compelling nature not identified above.

6. What curriculum will be used?

MAVA@Greenfield will be using the award-winning curriculum of K12 Inc. –a Virginia-based education provider that powers more than twenty virtual schools across the country. This mastery-based curriculum is embedded with assessments that help to guide and monitor the progress of each child and adjust the program’s pace to the student. The parent or another adult mentor is the learning coach and all students will be connected to and monitored by certified teachers.

The core elementary program includes English/ language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Middle school students will have a fifth course option in world language. Students who reside in Franklin or Hampshire County will have Greenfield teachers trained by K12 in online learning, will have opportunities to participate in special events or projects, and interact with other students if they wish. Students who live outside these counties will be connected with K12 teachers online.

7. Who are the teachers?

All students participating will have Massachusetts certified teachers working with them. Teachers will be hired in different regions of Massachusetts to make occasional meetings or gatherings easier.

8. Will there be a cost to parents?

Since MAVA@Greenfield is a Greenfield, Massachusetts public school, it is free to all participating Massachusetts students. Students enrolling from outside Massachusetts will need a source of tuition funding.

Do you have other questions?

Feel free to contact:
Carl Tillona, Principal,

Page last updated: July 7, 2014




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