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Principal Donna Woodcock
Associate Principal:

To enroll 2015-2016

Poet Seat is a unique day program on the Greenfield High School campus but in a separate building. The program has several components and serves adolescents who are intellectually average but whose emotional profile makes attending a large high school very difficult.

The mission of Poet Seat is to stabilize students so that they can return to less restrictive educational settings and simultaneously provide a high quality high school education. Students may attend any Greenfield high school course, can take a virtual course, or can design and complete an independent study course. Students can earn credit through community service or work study. The faculty works individually with each student to design a successful high school program.

A social/emotional curriculum occurs as a matter of course throughout the school day. A predictable behavioral level system exists, and the students vote and give feedback to peers petitioning to a higher level. When students demonstrate safety and greater responsibility, they are eligible to petition to a higher level. Instruction at Poet Seat aligns with the district-wide curriculum.

At one time the Poet Seat curriculum was taught only by special education teachers but today students have teachers with specific subject backgrounds in each course area. A clinical group dovetails a therapeutic structure that helps students feel safe and progress.

As with Greenfield academies, Poet Seat is directed by the faculty with administrative support from the high school principals and special education director. On site, a clinical social worker coordinates the flow of the program, provides counseling, and works with families, referral agencies, and outside therapists.

Staff is trained in Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI). All services provided by the Greenfield School District are available to students at Poet Seat School.

Poet Seat's goal is for the students to return to a larger, more typical experience, which could be middle school or high school mainstream program. To ease the transition back, most Greenfield students initially return to the Transition Classes at the middle and high school. There, students gradually re-integrate with confidence and the supports needed to be successful. To foster re-entry into these settings, the curricula are aligned with the curricula of the respective grade programs.

Poet Seat follows the school district calendar and typically use school transportation provided within the district.

In 2010-2011, Poet Seat launched an afternoon/evening program.

Out of District Referrals
Students from neighboring school districts can attend Poet Seat Academy. The school district in which the student lives pays the program tuition. Transportation is provided by the sending district but Greenfield can help.

Initially when another district wishes to consider a referral, the special education director from the sending district contacts the special education director of Poet Seat. A parent and student may come on tour. If there is interest, a referral packet follows. If the student in question is deemed to be a good emotional and academic fit for Poet Seat, and if the services outlined in the IEP can be provided, the student is accepted. A visit is schedule.

For more information call Donna Woodcock, GHS Principal, 413.772.1350

Our Staff
We have an experienced and dedicated group of teachers and administrators. Each teacher strives to create a supportive and challenging classroom atmosphere to encourage students to participate. We may introduce a teacher on this page, or have a teacher of the month feature like the one below.
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