About Us


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Located in Franklin County, the Greenfield Public School District serves students, families and community members in the Town of Greenfield, providing a public school education to 1700 students in grades pre-k to twelve. Greenfield, with a  population 17,500, is a ‘rural’ city, granted status as "The Town of Greenfield”.  We are located amidst the Connecticut River Valley, where the Connecticut River and Pocumtuck Mountain Range abuts the east, and sprawling agricultural communities are to the west. The Greenfield icon, Poet’s Seat Tower, rests atop Rocky Mountain, providing a daily view to middle school and Federal Street students. The school district works closely with community partners to enhance student enrichment opportunities.

The District is governed by our school committee comprised of 7 members including the Mayor of Greenfield and six elected officials.  The committee configures its chairperson, vice chair, and subcommittee assignments annually.

Our Schools

Greenfield’s schools are centrally located within the city, each about five miles from each other. Our elementary schools are neighborhood schools, and educate our early learners in grades kindergarten through fourth grade. Grades five through seven students attend the Greenfield Middle School, and students grades eight through twelve attend the Greenfield High School. Unique to the district, the Math and Science Academy, a program of the middle school, provides a rigorous, academically challenging STEM curriculum to students ready for the challenge in math and science. It currently serves students in grades four to seven. The Discovery School at Four Corners is recognized by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as an Innovation School with the focus on a nature/agriculture curriculum. Newton School and the Middle School are Expanded Learning Time schools that provide additional daily time-on-learning and enrichment opportunities for our students. Federal Street School offers the downtown experience where students walk to local enrichment opportunities. The Academy of Early Learning is an inclusive preschool that provides our earliest learners social, emotional and academic foundations and our 8th Grade Academy is a high school transition program, preparing our aspiring high schoolers for their exciting high school experience as they prepare for the next step of their lives.

Our Facilities

The Central Office located on Davis Street, houses the operations central to the vitality of schools. These are the Office of the Superintendent, business management, food service, payroll, purchasing, human resources, Special Education, technology and data management.

All schools are equipped for digital learning with SMART Boards and Internet access, all have security cameras for student and staff safety, and playgrounds or athletic facilities on campus. Except for the brand new high school facility, and the sixty-year-old Discovery School, the other schools average an age of 100-years old, however are updated with the latest safety and academically sound equipment to enhance student learning. All schools have a media center and lending library.