Recorder: "‘Miracle Minute’ at Greenfield High raises $600"

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Recorder Staff

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

GREENFIELD — Accomplishments take time. But Greenfield High School students recently learned that even a minute can be enough to make a difference.

Nearly $600 was raised for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico in a school event called the “Miracle Minute.”

“There are students that I have that in the wake of the hurricane and the immediate days after, you could see the stress from not being able to hear from their families,” Angela Mass, a teacher and Student Council adviser said.

In talking to council members, Mass said they had decided that they wanted to raise money to help those affected by the hurricanes, and eventually settled on assisting those who faced the destruction of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

As for coming up with the Miracle Minute, Mass knew this was something done in the past, but that it had been a number of years since this kind of appeal was used.

And this event called for it.

“The ‘Miracle Minute’ symbolizes that even in the face of such destruction from a hurricane, in just one minute, the kindness and generosity of others is evident,” Mass said in a press release.

Originally, the goal the Student Council set out was to raise $500, with the rough idea that if every student in the high school brought in $1, then they could match their hopes.

On a Friday, an announcement came over the intercom telling all students in the school that its fundraiser was about to begin and would last for exactly a minute.

Envelopes were then passed around classrooms and collected at the end of a minute and returned to the Student Council.

“At first, they were just seeing all the change. I told them to be patient,” Mass said about her students counting the funds. Then the bills started coming and they soon saw that the goal was not only going to be reached, but eclipsed. “They were triple counting it because they couldn’t believe that they surpassed the goal.”

They were shocked at the initial total of $581, before a few extra dollars after the fact would round it out to an even $600.

“In one minute, we raised $600,” Mass said. “How awesome is that?”

They donated the money to United for Puerto Rico, which is a charity being run through the government and started by Beatriz Rosselló, the governor’s wife.

“We definitely wanted to do something for the hurricane victims, but we knew it didn’t need to be done the second after the hurricane hit because they’ll certainly be needing money for a long time,” Mass said.

The money will go directly to those in Puerto Rico, Mass noted. It was a decision that the Student Council made, wanting to make sure they knew exactly where the funds would go to before sending it.

The process of sending the money wasn’t the easiest, though. The students had to figure out how to properly send it. The government didn’t want the money in the form of a check.

“We talked about why we can’t just write them a check,” Mass said, pointing out the difficulty with sorting out all of the mail coming into Puerto Rico right now. The money ended up being transmitted to Puerto Rico electronically with the use of a credit card.

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