GPS Student Film Festival is May 5, 2017!

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7th Annual Greenfield Film Festival

May 5, 2017

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Submission Deadline for all films is March 31, 2017


Submission Rules


1. Follow your category’s time limit.

 Pre-K-3rd (3 Minute Limit)  4th-7th (4 Minute Limit)  8th-12th (5 Minute Limit)

    2. You must have usage rights to any music used in your film.  (new rule this year!)

Usage rights should be submitted with film.


   3. You must have a submission form for each film.



2016 Winning Films

High School

Why I Run 3rd Place (Amy O.)

Little Do You Know 2nd Place (Lexi R.)

When No One is Watching 1st Place (Luna M.) 

Middle School 
Elementary School
Directors Pick
Film Festival Directors
Andrew Lippman
Rachel Cronen-Townsend
Drew Hutchison

Fun Facts about our student films in 2015-16

91 TOTAL Films submitted:

15 Elementary Level, grades K-4

46 Middle Grades, Grades 4-7

30 High School, Grades 8-12

Fun Facts about our student films in 2013-14

41 TOTAL Films submitted:

20 Elementary Level, grades K-3

15 Middle Grades, Grades 4-7

6 High School, Grades 8-12

Past Award Winning Videos

2014 Elementary Films: (grades K-3)

A Shooting Star: (grade 2)

What Does the Teacher Say: (grade 3)

Silly Blokus People: Toys That Come to Life: (grade 2)

Greenfield's Got Talent: (grade 2)

Middle Grades Films: (grades 4-7)

Matt Jensen's Magic Show: (grade 6)

Lullaby: (grade 6)

Muppets go to Washington, DC: (grade 4)

How to do a Back Handspring: (grade 4)

Team: (grade 5)


High School Films: (grades 8-12) 

French Club Trip to Quebec (grade 12)


Videos From Previous Years


Making a Film (Grade 1)

4 Fun Cartoons (Grade 1)

Respect (Grade 1)

The Day They Were Born

(Grade 1)

The Red Suspension Bridge (Grade 2)

Middle School

I'm Curious'm Curious (Grade 5)

High School

Flipping Through Skyward (Grade 9)

Trick Shots

(Grade 12)

MAVA-Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield


(Grade 7)

Fun Facts about our student films in 2012-13

65 TOTAL Films submitted:

33 Elementary Level, grades K-3

16 Middle Grades, Grades 4-7

16 High School, Grades 8-12


Andrew Lippman, Film Festival Director: